A Gathering of Vultures

A Gathering of Vulures by Donald MIchael PlattMURDER, MUTILATION, AND CARRION…IN PARADISE?

 “There shall the vultures also be gathered, every one with her mate.” —ISAIAH 34:15

 Professional ballroom dancers, Terri and Rick Hamilton, aspire to be world champions. Unfortunately, Terri’s recurring back and health problems place that goal well out of reach.

 They travel to Terri’s birthplace, Florianópolis, on the scenic island of Santa Catarina off the coast of Brazil to vacation and visit their best friends and mentors.

Along the picturesque beaches, dead penguins and eviscerated bodies wash up on the shores of paradise, and Antarctic blasts play counterpoint to the tropical storms that rock the island. The scenic wonder is home not only to urubús, a unique sub-species of the black vulture, but also to a clique of mysterious women who offer Terri perfect health and the promise of fame—at a terrible price.

Rick fears Terri is being drawn into a cult and that his own life may be in danger. Will it be too late when he discovers something even more terrifying lives beneath the tranquil, tropical veneer of the island?

Idyllic one moment and nightmarish the next, you never know what you’ll encounter in the city of Florianópolis—murder, mutilaations, carrion, or the lure of eternal youth.

 A Gathering of Vultures is available as an ebook  and paperback on Amazon.com.

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